Our Services

From the moment you request a proposal from us and submit it, our research team will quickly contact you and review the details of your campaign. Every campaign is customized to calibrate your specific criteria and ensures a prosperous outcome. You define the playing field.

Our marketing consultant will discuss with your needs and will come up with a customized package and proposals. Once both parties agreed, you consent to work with us and we will design the type of campaign that we will be commencing. The first call campaign will determine and covers your success.

PotentiaLeads excels with companies who are working globally for new sales opportunities. Our telemarketer’s ability to connect with executive decision makers is what define us from the rest. We fully understand what makes companies tick; we speak the language. We are the sales development team to increase your sales opportunities and make your sales team focus on closing the sales, cold calling.

PotentiaLeads B2B Appointment Setting Approach


PotentiaLeads tailors a laser-focused lead database that will be used C-level prospecting with the use of talent and technology to the maximum. We compile business appointments with qualified C-level decision makers. You can acquire a committed and timely sales close. If your prospect don’t show up as promised, we win them back to reschedule.


PotentiaLeads makes sure your sales team can focus on selling and not just cold-calling or prospecting. Time efficient SEO-enhanced website inbound call in order to round up your targeted wish list of clients. PotentiaLeads makes it from 60% of your time prospecting to 100% of your time closing.


In PotentiaLeads, there will be no guesswork involved about our productivity through our clear reporting. We will provide you with metrics to track every move we make in your campaign. No show appointment? It’s on us to reschedule, so no need to worry